Megyn Kelly Just Doing Her Job

<a href=””><img class=”alignleft wp-image-2468″ src=”” alt=”Megyn_Kelly” width=”290″ height=”290″ /></a>Normally the Republican National Committee (RNC) decides who is going to emerge as the candidate. Any candidate who is perceived as less than accommodating to the agendas of the elite donor class is destroyed as quickly as possible. During the 2012 primaries Rick Perry was destroyed as fast as possible. Taking out Ron Paul took more time. Republican voters never have much say so as to who runs for president on the Republican ticket.

In modern times, news organizations do not deliver the news according to what people need to know. They are instrumental in managing public opinion in ways that bolsters their media income. The news media now works hand in hand with other institutions which have the same motive in managing public opinion. This way the people at the top get what they want out of government. The vote, as a tool for controlling government, has been largely neutralized.

Fox news always assists the Republican National Committee in getting rid of candidates the Republican National Committee feel might threaten the success of candidates of their choosing. Megyn Kelley’s job during the debate was to destroy Donald Trump. Kelly would be less valuable to Fox News as an employee it she did anything other than try and discredit trump. A news announcer does not necessarily need to know much about any particular subject. News announcers need to read well and speak clearly. Kelly does those things very well.

The effort to destroy Trump’s candidacy is completely normal in politics. Don’t forget that news people go into these things with questions written by others. They are only the voices of the companies they work for. In other words, Megyn Kelly was only singing the song. She didn’t write the lyrics. Blaming her is like blaming a waitress for a cooks bad cooking. Megyn’s job was to take out Donald Trump and she tried.

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