Mid East, War and Natural Law

<a href=”https://quillian.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/natural-law.jpg”><img class=”alignleft wp-image-2599″ src=”https://quillian.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/natural-law.jpg” alt=”natural-law” width=”265″ height=”265″ /></a>According to the logic of mankind, the brain produces a good idea and that idea becomes a desired end. The brain can entertain such amazing ideas, often caution is thrown to the wind and all resources become devoted to making this wonderful thing happen. It is such a good idea that lots of suffering is allowed in the process of making the idea work. This is the “end justifies the means” approach. “The end justifies the means” is the mantra the communists in Russia used when rounding up and killing millions of people during the start of the old Soviet Union. The end is never actually realized.

Natural law, which is 100% reliable, takes the approach that the means is what determines the ends. An undertaking based on an an immoral method will always produce a negative outcome. Harm eventually comes out of immorality in such a great magnitude that any benefit from the immoral activity is more than offset by harm. As a society, we can expect harm to ourselves that is up to seven times  greater than the harm we inflict on others.

Americans learn very little history in school. For most Americans, history starts with a current event and they are clueless about anything that happened prior to a certain occurrence. When the U.S. was attacked on 9/11, that was the day Mid East history started for most Americans. In the American mind, a bunch of Muslim terrorists, launched a completely unprovoked, cruel attack on completely peaceful people.  Very few questions are asked about who we bomb in the Mid East and any reasons given are taken as gospel. Americans see their country as spreading peace and democracy around the world while so many other countries stand in our way.  The minuscule number of Americans who take a more in depth look at causes and solutions of global difficulties are to few too get anyone’s attention.

The United States will pay dearly for its part in the 2003 Iraq war. With natural law, the cause and effect are not directly connected. Estimates of casualties in the Iraq war are around  two million. Iraq has been destroyed. Americans have forgotten that particular war and gone on to other things. Iraq is like a footnote in our history. People in the Mid East will never forget. Neither will China or Russia. More nations than ever are our friend out of fear. Monumental efforts are made all over the globe to be on the United State’s good side so that they don’t get bombed.

The United States was wrong to invade and destroy Iraq. The United States is not a democracy in any sense of the word. American citizens have no control over their government. What country in its right mind is going to support us in setting up democracies in the mid east or anywhere else? We are playing a deadly game of do as I say, not as I do.

The cost to Americans for the Iraq adventure will be somewhere between 2 million and 14 million American lives. This is the way natural law works.

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