Missing ingredients To Economic & Political Salvaion

I have pointed out that an economic recovery is not possible without substantial free market forces intact  There are few free market influences in the U.S. economic today.  Without those, any recovery is simply impossible. A genuine recovery requires new ideas to replace old ideas which are no longer working well. In a centrally planned economy, there are no new ideas emerging. In a genuine free market setting, consumers must decide freely what and what type of products they buy. In today’s economy, government largely decides these issues for its citizens. While folk do decide, for example to buy a car. Government restricts the type of car that can be sold. Electric car manufacturers are subsidized. Producers of gas powered cars are penalized.  Almost all products these days, must be of the kind anointed by government regulators before they are allowed to be put on the market.

Big tech is facing headwinds that are purposefully hidden from the public. How can we tell? By looking with our own eyes, provided we are living in the light of reality. Anyone who has used  Facebook can see that it is a graveyard in terms of activity compared to just a few years ago. Their stellar numbers are coming from somewhere. Who knows what that somewhere is?

Anyone who has ever worked in advertising or marketing knows completely that over time, consumers become immune to techniques to motivate them to buy. Big tech and all online marketers have no new ideas for marketing. This is not free market stuff. How is marketing online conducted? There is  no change at all. Want to find the price  of something? You have to click buy to find out. Register for anything and you are on an email list. Get something free and then go pro. Frankly, people are not interested in online wares like they were in the past.

Why the bad marketing? Stimulus. Free money elevates profit margins, There are no innovations. Innovation is for free markets. With stimulus, why bother. Business is fine selling the same ole  same ole.

Notice the changes going on. Amazon is limiting returns. Walmart and other stores are carrying as little inventory as possible. YouTube has been trying system after system to find ways to slap the cheesiest possible ads in front of viewers. Need to increase revenue. Punish  customers. Good approach, right?

Conservatives love democratic principles, right? Of course they do. That is why they are Republicans. Most of them get huge government benefits. So it is like, “No more big government big government other than what I benefit from,”

Now expectations seem to be that new government policies will be implemented that will turn the economy around. So, much damage has been done by the government policies that have brought us to the cusp of disaster and now there are expectations of of brand new government policies that will save us.

Get serious.


December 23, 2023

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