Muslims and Dr. Ben Carson

carsonI would never support Ben Carson for president because he is a clueless buffoon on the subject of economics. Either that or he has owned by the financial sector.

Still, Americans are stupid enough to think he said something wrong with respect to electing a Muslim for president.

The constitution does not mention the criteria citizens use when deciding who to vote for. Dr.Carson never said the constitution should forbid Muslims from running for president. Dr. Carson said that in his opinion electing a Muslim would be bad for the country.

Of course the news media has convinced the cannon fodder that he said something else. By the way Fox News and the Republican National Committee are one in the same.

Dr. Carson is in fact a corporatist and that is not good. That is his primary fault as a candidate. He also claims to be an evangelistic Christian. Who would really expect an evangelistic Christian of vote for a Muslim for president?

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