National Day of Sanctimony 9/11

090916I was driving a taxi on September 11, 2001. After the attack we all might as well have gone home. There was no business to be done. I was talking with my Iranian friends who were concerned that the wrong people would be blamed. To the Americans no Mideastern name was particularly particularly meaningful. The Iranians new immediately by the names that the attackers were Saudi Arabian. Their concern was that Iran might be wrongly blamed.

There were people with lots of money who knew the attacks were going to take place. Back in 2001 stock prices were mostly determined by supply and demand. It was common for stock prices to move somewhat in one direction or another prior to news or an event. If people had inside information, they made use of it. The action in the stock market a number of days before the attack indicates that some people with large holdings sold before the attacks occurred. There is a possibility this was all coincidence, but not much of a possibility. Volume was also somewhat elevated prior to the attacks also.

For most Americans, Mideast history started on September 11, 2001. It is kind of like the universe beginning with the big bang. A few might ask what happened just prior to the big bang. To most, everything started with the big bang. To most Americans, 911 was simply an unprovoked attack and that is the day on which Mideast history begins. True understanding is gained by knowing the history of U.S. involvement in Mideastern affairs.

Clearly a lot was going on beforehand with respect to 911. Some important wealth people knew ahead of time, not necessarily Americans but possibly some.

The United States responded by attacking Afghanistan where known terrorists were spending their days. Chances are, in upper levels of our own government, the true source of the attacks was known and Afghanistan was attacked because we had to strike somebody.

911 has become a day of opportunity for Americans to be sanctimonious and engage in righteous indignation. It is a good day for virtue signaling and recreational grief. Some use it as an opportunity to make political statements like not standing for the anthem. And, that creates an opportunity for others to shake their fingers at them, with indignation for sure.

Terrorism is likely to end only after the United States and other countries allow the countries of the Mideast to govern themselves and control their own resources. True, we can’t allow others to fly planes into our skyscrapers. We can go after the architects of the attacks first and those who carry them out second.

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