Natural Law Applied To Politics And Economics

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Anytime I allude to natural it seems to invoke images of 60s hippies sitting under a shade tree dropping acid or smoking weed. Then I have to show where most natural law is found or modeled. That happens to be in ancient religious  writings. Examples abound in all of them. These ideas did not spring up over night. The models of natural law apply completely to human behavior independently of any religious interpretation. Find any story in the Old Testament or New Testament. Find any number of parallel circumstance throughout history and the issues will have outcomes which also parallel the outcomes in the ancient stories.  Read these stories very carefully and it will also become clear that scribes often wrote in ways that would expose corruption among leaders in the safest way they could. Many stories are written from the viewpoint of, “What is wrong with this picture?” This is especially true in the Old Testament Books of Samuel and Kings. Read the stories carefully and it is apparent that the scribes were being subversively critical of kings. The same flaws cited in the early kings of Israel are possessed by today’s world leaders. What is explained is the nature of leadership and it is all true today.

Have you noticed how today’s masses are as much as volunteering for slavery. There is a near madness of seeking comfort and security from authority and replacing freedom with obedience to central authority figures. This is an ancient phenomenon which is repeated over and over throughout history.

Today’s situation is clearly explained in Samuel 1 Chapter 8 of the Old Testament. Jews can read that without fearing some Christian guy is going to grab them and tell them about Jesus.  The same principles can be found in other ancient writings.

Mainstream economists make a fatal error by making false assumptions about how people are likely to behave. People are assumed to be autonomous in thought and action. Close observations show that this is untrue. There is no way to make false assumptions in the beginning and be right in the end.

People are in fact born free but that doesn’t last long enough to have a huge impact over lives. In the system of dominance and subservience we all live in, every living thing including human beings joins the ongoing activity of dominating some and submitting to others. So the person mainstream economics treats as free and autonomous is only in that precise condition at a few sort periods during a life time. It should not be assumed that dominating others is always the first and best choice. When a person goes looking for a job, what is he or she doing? That person is looking to find the optimum and most advantageous way to submit so as to optimize one’s level of comfort and security.

Look very closely at the political arena and you will notice something striking. Notice the complete absence of sentient or abstract arguments. Everything that is written or said, in or out of echo chambers is meant to change someone’s positions without taking a big chance by asking them to think about it. Government is defined in many lofty ways but in the end, it turns out to be a formal platform where countless pleaders go to get what they want. Truth is not used. What you are noticing is that politics is an animal world activity. The human animal nature takes over. Thinking is not engaged in. It is a survival activity.

Really, the only people who actually think during the political process are the few who wind up being elected officials or those who work directly for them. Certain unlikely personality characteristics give them the ability to herd, coral and exploit others while making most feel like they are working in their behalf. The voting public is managed and trained the same way dogs are managed and trained. Members of the public are offered treats and  kind words in order to encourage them to submit. Human beings submit to their elected representatives in the same way their dogs submit to them. Once a human being has submitted to an authority, don’t expect that person to object to anything at all unless his or her comfort and security levels are threatened.

If it surprises you that there is so much turmoil in the world and no one seems to care except a few in the echo chambers, I have just given you the explanation. The level of submission in the United States today is unprecedented. Until and if that changes, don’t look for a lot of progress in reining in government. I admit, that I can’t offer any suggesting a way to change this.

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