Nature’s Gift

Fortunately, nature gives living things what they need to optimize chances of surviving. All animals have the ability to recognize dangers and opportunities in the present. This gift is not flawless, but it is amazingly accurate. Notice how a dog is alerted by sudden loud noises. In the life of a dog, a loud noise usually comes from a source that is not good for the dog. The same dog recognizes conditions where potential food is around.
Human beings have similar abilities. At first glance, a human can recognize things and circumstances for what they are in the present moment. There is a problem however. Through imagination, a human can and does create an alternative reality for himself and others. We don’t know what life is. The process of being alive and staying alive is so hash and brutal, humans compulsively see surviving as more gentle than it really is.
Nature gives us all the gift of highly accurate discernment in the present moment but only if we are fantasy free. We can accept the reality that is in place, as in the one nature gives us. When that is the practice right, wrong, good and indifferent become obvious. Commonly, functional reality is that which a person creates for himself or what is created for him by others.
The reason fantasy free economics works so well is that answers and responses to life’s issues are highly accurate without the confusing process of viewing reality through the prism of fantasy.
Once the prism of fantasy is removed knowing what to expect out of people and institutions becomes easy. Mainstream economic not only fails to recognize nature’s gift. Mainstream economics is based mainly on fantasy. Mainstream economics is based on numerous erroneous assumptions that have value in the sense that they make life seem more pleasant. They are a hindrance when there is a problem that needs to be solved.

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