Newt Gingrich A Stealth Socialist

So many Republicans are stealth socialists. Newt Gingrich is getting rave reviews on Fox News for his idea to require unemployment recipients to enroll in job training. Conservatives love it. What Newt wants to do is to start a new government program. Once this type of government program starts, it will grow without bounds.

<strong>Lonestar Card</strong> Lonestar Card is a song I wrote and recorded as Curbside Jimmy a number of years back with the Curbside Jug Band. If you listen very carefully to the bass, you will discover that it is a Jug. The jug was played by the late Gator Ron Ramey, who was the probably best jug player who ever lived. The the jug is prominent at the very end of the song. Lonestar Card celebrates the welfare system in Texas of which so many Texans are very proud.
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