No Conservatives in the Fight

congressIn the united states, there is no significant number of conservatives, although a multitude describe themselves that way. I have spent about ten days asking a question of war hawks, all conservative Republicans. The question is as follows. Which of our leaders do you trust to confront Iran and prevent them from getting the bomb? So far I haven’t gotten one answer.

None the less, these folks favor more military intervention in the mid east. What makes them liberals in the truest since of the word is that they totally trust government to launch military campaigns, even when all meaningful information is kept from them. This is blind trust in government and it is just as destructive as  the blind trust acknowledged liberals have in government. This is not the only way in which “Conservatives” contribute towards making government larger. Almost all are pro-business, which always turns out to be a subsidy of some kind.

What makes a person a liberal is trust in government to do things. “Conservatives” trust government in all things other than providing welfare to the poor and other social programs. End the social programs and “conservatives” will still look to government to assist with the goals and projects, they favor.

Folks who think clearly see these two groups as what they actually are, liberals. Real conservatives are rare.

Just Another Day at the Whorehouse, By Curbside Jimmy

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