North Korea, Will We Take The Bait?

For a number of years, I have known that the CIA, FBI and United States intelligence is not good for much of anything beyond providing high paying jobs to the people who work in the agencies.

North Korea is trying to bait the United States into attacking them. There is more going on here than just a crazy kid with too much power. I do not know who the other players are here but North Korea is not alone. Americans misunderstand how our military is viewed in other places around the globe. The notion here is that we are the good guys in white hats doing good around the world and that we are largely appreciated.

This viewpoint is completely unique to the imaginations of American citizens. For a long time, I have conjectured that there is a consortium of opposing interests which is looking for a way to engage the United States in a mindless ground war. Nuclear war is a possibility but the goal is to put the U.S. in a war where casualties are unavoidable so as to force American citizens to take an interest in the wars the military fights.

The United States probably could not be defeated on the battle field but the citizens can be put in a position where they would likely oppose the government. Deaths of foreigners in their own country’s at the hands of our military is not of concern to American citizens. American citizens only appreciate their own pain and suffering to the degree they have any.

So, it makes since to foreign nations to put Americans in a position where they can’t avoid knowing what is going on. This is what the tension in North Korea is all about. Don’t count on American intelligence for guidance. They don’t have the insight for such a thing.


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