Paris Attacks and Reptilian Brains

ReptilianBrainOne of the absurdities of modern life is the widespread belief at home and around the world is that self government is functioning in any way in the United States. Citizens do not have access the kind of  information that is necessary for a nation of people to govern themselves. All news is devoted to managing the opinions of the population and both the House and Senate horde information so as not to put themselves in positions where they might be held accountable. Not one American in a thousand knows any Mid East history prior to 9/11.  Very few Americans have anything other than a superficial understanding of their own history.  Instead of mistrusting government on the advice of- our founding fathers, from day one Americans are taught to trust government entirely. Is it any surprise that we are experiencing the very things our ancestors warned about?

Humans actually have two brains. One does higher level thinking while the more primitive brain does things automatically in keeping with instinct and what has already been accepted as factual. This more primal brain is often referred to as the reptilian brain.  Political correctness is handled as fact by the reptilian brain, which does not know the difference between fact and fiction. Reasoning in the larger thinking brain is bypassed. According to what the collective reptilian brains accept as fact, all refugees are entering Europe and the United States because they are freedom loving and seeking a better life. The truth is not that pleasant nor that simple.  Never mind that freedom in the “free world”  is not as common as universally believed. All one need do to figure this out is to try and use some of the freedoms we supposedly have.

Mid Easterners are entering the west for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons for coming is to kill us.  Political correctness dictates that we do not consider this as a possibility.  American reptilian brains are doing what is automatically deemed the right thing to do. That is accept them all with loving arms.  Since Americans have no knowledge of Mid East history, they are confounded as to why others in the world would hate us. Whether we agree with their reasons or not, to our detractors, their reasons are more than valid. It is hard for folks over there to love us when, at our hands, they have suffered more casualties than our nation had during WWII. Our initiatives to give them the kind of government we profess to be fond of but don’t have ourselves has left Iraq in shambles and rendered the rest of the area completely unstable.  Given my knowledge of Mid Eastern history, I don’t see it reasonable to expect them to love us.  Regardless of what we have done to them we still have to protect ourselves. Understanding our own transgressions is necessary to understand the tenacity they display in trying to rid the area of western influence. We have hurt them very badly.  Events which are only a footnote in our own history books are as relevant to them as WWII is us.

What does it take, to get Americans to rethink notions reptilian brains act on as facts? Stress and suffering activate the thinking part of the brain. Soon we may start questioning how our society treats religion with respect to law. Perhaps some will notice that the Supreme Court functions as a political body even though it is defined otherwise. People might start to remember that the Supreme Court only decides constitutional issues as a matter of custom. It has no natural authority. The writers of the constitution gave us no process for determining the constitutionality of laws.  The U.S. Constitution was not written as something legal scholars would have to interpret. With regard to religion, it only says congress “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the practice thereof.”  It doesn’t say we have to offer our throats to members of a religious group. Also, it doesn’t say we can’t hold members of a religion accountable for what is done in the name of a whole group.  Regardless of how wrong we have been in the past, we still have to mount a defense against our enemies.

Given the way we have chosen to allow our government to operate, stress and suffering are now unavoidable. All is not lost. With the suffering will come a new awareness and Americans will start using their entire brains for a while.  Other than what happens as an accident or at random,  the cause of suffering is rooted in stupidity. It is out of suffering that solutions emerge because the larger brain is activated and the reptilian brain is given a new set of “truths” to act upon.

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