Patriots On Facebook

There are no patriots on Facebook. Calling oneself a patriot a does not make a person a patriot. Neither does publicly showcasing the highest level of patriotic philosophy and opinions. How much sense does it make to adopt the posture of being a patriot while continuing to support an entity that is denying you the right of free speech?

Is there a such thing is a patriot who makes no sacrifice for his country. Does supporting the troops make you a patriot? No,  but it may demonstrate that you recognize a patriot when you see one. The troops may be manipulated into fighting  for the purpose of controlling the world resources on behalf of the world’s 100 or so richest people.  Troops don’t get to decide who or when they fight. Any individual soldier may feel he is doing an honorable thing. It is the soldier who is the patriot. He is making the sacrifice.

If we can send our troops all over the world asking them to die delivering what is deemed in our national interest, is it really too much to expect masses of Americans to close their Facebook accounts?  What patriot would aggressively support his oppressors?

The phenomenon of Big Tech agenda driven censorship is not going to disappear unless Americans leave social media platforms. Keeping a Facebook page up is the best possible tool for volunteering for slavery.  Facebook will discontinue censorship only when its costs of continuing is a greater cost than the benefits. Staying on Facebook guarantees that that will never happen.



Without freedom of speech all of value is lost.

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