Perfect Solution to Migrant Problem

Migrant Boat Deaths 08Fascism hurts the poorest first. Countries never make a decision to embrace Fascism. Free markets that morph into Fascism because of a lack of trust in free markets on the part of ordinary people. Smart people who are successful in business use government to insulate themselves against free market forces and guarantee their own incomes. Business eventually takes over government. Congress hoards information so that citizens do not have enough information to manage government.

In a democracy citizens can either worship leaders or treat them as delegates. Leaders end up being worshipped. Leaders have goals of enriching themselves with power and money so their constituents get no representation. Representation goes to corporations which use government to rig markets and force the general population to buy their goods and services. This is Fascism. The Republican faithful call it pro business but it is still Fascism. Fascism destroys lives and incomes. History is full of examples. Refugees from Syria are victims of war and many other things but it all starts with Fascism.

The European nations which are absorbing the refugees are victims of their own Fascist foreign policies but more so they are victims of the United State’s Fascist foreign policies.

Usually, in economics there are no solutions, only trade offs. In this case there is an outright solution.

Interested nations could pool their resources and buy a big chunk of real estate from a third world nation. The land would be set up as a perfect free market state. Government would offer no benefits. no entitlement and have a constitution that separated government and economics, similar to the way the U.S. guarantees the separation of government and religion. Using government as a means of rigging markets and capturing customers would be illegal with criminal penalties. Citizens would be free to use any currency that suited them. Billionaires would be welcome but they would have no extra privileges. They would go to jail if they tried to use government as a tool.

After the establishment of this country, borders would be completely open and all who wanted to come would be welcome. In ten years, this would be the  most prosperous country in the world.



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