Planning A War

While Americans are playing gotcha in echo chambers and are upset at names different groups are calling one another, the world is marching towards war.

Based on fantasy free observations this is what is happening. Why a war? The war effort is so that a small number of people can control the world’s natural resources. The United States is assisting that consortium. Patriots don’t care what a war is for. Their role is to fight for the country they identify with regardless.

We have less than adequate information about what other countries can and will do. Our intelligence agencies have morphed into being just government jobs. Their concern is what is good for them as employees and has little to do with protecting the country.

Other countries are planning a preemptive strike against the United States. Why would they be planning such a thing? When countries are convinced they are going to be attacked no matter what, that is what they do.  Some of our allies are part of this group. I don’t know which ones but many are our friends because they are afraid of us.

What do we know about some of these other countries? The value they put on individual lives is less than what we do. They will be willing to take huge losses of lives in order to defeat us. We have better technology. They have more soldiers. I say we have better technology but we really don’t know what they have. Our intelligence agencies are corrupt so we may know very little.

What are our chances? Our chances of winning are very good but there is no guarantee. But, it won’t be worth it no matter what. Who is standing on the moral high ground. We will be fighting to control natural resources and that is not a sound moral reason. Natural law which never fails tells us that an action that begins on the basis of an immoral incentive will have a negative outcome. War for profit is the current U.S. standard and that actually is immoral.

So, the next war will be one we will be sorry we participated in. The trade war has already started. Mostly trade wars just buy some time before the shooting starts.

During the last presidential election there was a big surprised. The world’s smart people all agreed that Hillary Clinton would win. She lost. Smart people don’t always know what they are assumed to know. A war with Russia and or China is something we might actually lose because our smart people may not know as much as they have convinced everyone they know. The pretense of knowledge pays the same or more than genuinely knowing.

What do we know? I don’t know about others but I understand human nature. I also know that world leaders are sociopaths and I know what sociopaths are likely to do when they get the chance.

American citizens have the duty to rein in the military. The military gets its authority from the sovereign. If you are a citizen you have authority over the military. If you question what the military is doing, don’t let anyone diminish you. It is your job to question what the military is doing. If anyone criticizes you for doing so, they are the ones who are wrong, not you. You are just doing your job as a citizen.

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