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Suppose Joe Biden winds up being elected president.  Are there any upsides to having a president with dementia? Perhaps there is, maybe.

His title could become Presidunce of the United States instead of President of the United states. Think of the entertainment that would provide Americans of all ages. Comedians would have a field day,

A cardboard cutout could be put in the president’s chair in the oval office. The country might discover that a cardboard cutout of a president is just as effective as an actual human being.

Biden might forget who owns him and fail to  support the agendas of his corporate sponsors.  He might get confused about which foreign country to bomb.

His dementia could cause him to be an ineffective president. An effective president is one who convinces ordinary citizens to promote their own poverty and fall on a sword for the interests he genuinely supports. We already have a president who does these things. Trump has convinced Americans overall that a trade war is a good deal. Already, Trump is already preventing the Chinese from subsidizing American Consumers. Trump sponsored the biggest fiscal stimulus package in the history of the world. Of course that impoverishes his constituents.  Real wages are as much as guaranteed to continue declining for at least the next ten years. Trump supporters love this. Trump has already funneled multitudes of wealth from the bottom of the economy to the top. These are the things an effective president does. Trump is such an effective president that his followers are happy to have less if that is what he wants them to have.  After all Trump supporters get to wear MAGA hats knowing that with Trump in charge the United States will return to the greatness it possessed in an earlier time period.  What period was that?

Perhaps that period would be when Davey Crocket was president,Paul Bunyon was Vice President and John Henry was Secretary of State.

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