Tech, Big Pharma And A Few Others What’s Next?

When it happens, someone will say, there is no way we could have known.  So, I am going to tell you ahead of time what is going to happen.  So, many ask, why are.

There is this thing called the overall scheme of things. When dealing with large aggregations of people, what happens in one situation is related to what happens in a number of others. Do you remember a short while back when tech CEO’s testified before congress? They faced some tough questions. They were run through the ringer and even publically humiliated. Have you heard anything about what happens next as a result of the investigations;. No, and you don’t because it was all an act. Congress got to make themselves look good and the tech executives were insured that absolutely nothing was going to be done to them.

Notice that select groups of stocks are skyrocketing into the stratosphere while the economy is crumbling from the bottom up. Supposedly, mom. pop and the Robinhoods are suddenly going berserk mindlessly driving these stock to super unrealistic levels. Don’t bet on that being anywhere near to completely true. It is the ALGOs creating the sudden magically dynamic uptrends. If amateurs are driving the market up it is because the paths of least resistance have been purposefully created for them. The ALGO’s jump start the uptrends, then purposefully make sure Robinhoods traders make initial profits. That way they will be available for the next round and so one.

In the mean time, analyst after analyst is citing indicators based on technical analysis that show that this is going to end and probably end soon. Supply will never just exceed demand and cause the market to drop. Nothing like that will happen.

The economy is going to crumble no matter what. The goal is to make sure stocks in the industries mentioned actually gain value until absolutely no more value will be added. When all starts coming apart, that is when the deal will come onto the table. I have already conjectured that the techs and others mentioned will actually be bought with government funds, immanently empowering and enriching same tech executives who were grilled by congress for the purpose of a show. The other industries will be part of the same deal. How will the public react? The public will be purposefully scared to the point where they will go along with anything.



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