Pro Business Vs. Free Market

Grandmothers all across the country are busy promoting their own poverty.


In a free market system, Grandma works all her life and saves $100,000 for retirement. She earns 5% per year in interest or $5000.00 per year in terms of dollars. Eventually Grandma dies and leaves $1,000 to charity and $33,000 to each of her children.

In a pro business system (fascist) banks and other corporations do not need to borrow from Americans who have earned and saved money. Instead, the Federal Reserve creates an endless amount of free money to lone to businesses for less than the rate of inflation. So, Grandma receives $500 per year on her savings instead of $5000.00.

Corporations lobby Congress and get bills passed to force Grandma to pay extra for gasoline because of the ethanol requirement. Free money to businesses allows them to maintain high profit margins and that costs Grannie also.

In a fascist system, government is not merely used to cheat ordinary Americans. In this system money goes to the top just like cream. When the public is completely squeezed out by using government, businesses start cheating one another. When that source dries up a war is often started to temporarily stimulate demand. Anyone who thinks the industrialists in Germany had no influence over Hitler, has not studied history. The industrialists were just as culpable as the bad man himself. Most German corporations survived WWII as did Japanese corporations.

Oddly, Americans don’t mind being cheated. This is fine except, the entire country is being destroyed along with the wellbeing of grandparents, children and grandchildren.

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