Robert Reich, Good Article

portraitRobert Reich is catching on. I am not one to put life time labels on anyone. Robert Reich notices things. John Kenneth Galbraith did the same thing. Noticing things makes all the difference in the world. Karl Marx noticed things. Unfortunately these types invariably have assumed that self interests ends when an activity is taken out of the private sector and and turned over to government. It seems that Robert Reich is coming out of the dark in this area. His latest article echoes what I wrote in this blog a few months back. This is it and it is well worth reading.  The Rigging of the American Market, Robert Reich

Bingo, somebody gets it. The U.S. government has morphed into a tool that business uses to extract money out of the general population. I mentioned that government does nothing else. Reich doesn’t go that far but clearly he is starting to figure it out.

Here is what I wrote back in February of this year.

Rigged Market Economy

A lot of people read this blog. I doubt that Robert Reich did but I am glad some of what is written hear popped into his head.



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