Scoutmaster of the Year

When Americans elect a president, they are of the same mentality you would expect them to have if they were voting for scoutmaster of the year.

How does one become president of the United State? The candidate they vote for, in their minds, is a messiah who will go to Washington and champion the causes that are dear to them. What people are doing is voting their fantasies.

Who actually becomes a president or for that matter any world leader including senators and members of the house? How ordinary are these people? Lets look at any competitive profession, the NFL for example. Is there any reason why Pee Wee Herman cannot earn a spot as an NFL quarterback? The job of NFL quarterback takes certain size and skill the average person doesn’t have. As a matter of fact the athlete who becomes an NFL quarterback has to have more of those skills than than thousands of others who try. Only a handful make make it. Almost none even come close. Making an team in the NFL is one of the world’s most competitive processes in the world. Still, it is nowhere near as competitive as the competition to become the most powerful man in the world which is the United States.

A successful presidential candidate, knows never to tell the truth, just because it is the truth. Why? His opponent will deviate a little from the truth to make it sound a little better. The truth ends up being just one of the tools in a candidates tool box. The tool to use is the one to get votes and that is not the truth. The race for president is completely brutal and ruthless. It is so ruthless that a successful presidential candidate must be a sociopath. The competition is so stiff, the truth and goodness are completely morphed out of the equation.

When Donald Trump ran for president his opponent Hillary Clinton was as ruthless as Donald Trump. Although she already had plenty of political skills, Donald Trump had enough in natural skills to win the race. Donald Trump is o.k. with dropping an average of 120 bombs every day on people in other countries. How hard would it be for you to drop bombs out of the sky knowing they were going to kill many people, many of them being babies? Perhaps you would have no problem with it. You may be a sociopath also, just one lacking the other skills it takes to become president. It takes a hybrid person do do these things. Any person who becomes president is a sociopath because there is no other way to get the job.

One of the important aspects of a sociopaths personality is a sense of entitlement. As odd as this seems to a person with a normal personality characteristics distribution, it is the natural mindset of a sociopath. If you own something, in the mind of a sociopath, it is as much yours as it is theirs. They just don’t have it yet.

To a president the country is like a big apple tree and all of the apples are his for the taking. In our form of government it is the job of citizens to collectively ride herd over their president. Together they can keep him under control. The country is in a sad state today because citizens don’t do that. I am telling you they better learn how quickly. The president is honestly never like someone who would be voted scoutmaster of the year.

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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