Sins, Foregiveness and Confluences

Forgiveness of sins offers no protection against the consequences brought on by committing sins. Sins always have negative consequences to the committer. That is what makes them sins. To be in sin is to be insane. That is insane in the biblical sense which is based on different criteria than what is relevant in secular teachings. A sin always guarantees negative consequences to the one committing the sin. It is as simple as that. A secular psychiatrist might not think that cigarette smoking constitutes insanity. In the biblical sense cigarette smoking is insane because the costs outweigh the benefits. Sins can have rewards. The rewards are typically immediate and easily identified. The costs are spread out over a long period. But, there is always a net loss to the sinner.
The reason it is a sin to believe lies is that the cost outweighs the benefit, always. Believing lies is comforting but the costs build up over time and the consequences are devastating. Americans are just starting to suffer as the result of believing lies in the areas of politics and economics.

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