Some Babies Are Aborted Some Are Sent To War

happy duckAmericans generally support the troops and call every fight we get into an honorable campaign for freedom. Very little fighting has anything to do with freedom or protecting the homeland. Heck, it would be hard to get young people to fight if they were told otherwise.

If the number of dead were tallied for every foreign war, the number of soldiers who died in causes that had anything to do with with gaining or protecting freedom would be small. Even WWII would have been optional, had the United States not attacked Spain in the Spanish American War.  Without our imperialist acquisitions in the Pacific the U.S. would have not had any direct issues with Japan.  Wars are seldom fought for the lofty reasons that are touted as incentives to fight. The truth comes out later during following century. By then, the dead are buried and then parents of the soldiers have passed way. The fact that we should have never been in the war and our values were never threatened is presented as a footnote in history.

As things turned out, rather than fight the Revolutionary War, we may have been better off staying with Britain. The British outlawed slavery in 1820. Slavery ended in the United States over forty years later. As it is today, the British Parliament occasionally yields to will of the voters. In the United States the consent of the governed is routinely disrespected. Every effort is made to circumvent the democratic process and impose the will of the elite who run the country and manage the opinions of voters. So, when we engage in Mideastern wars under the auspice of spreading freedom and democracy around the globe, aren’t we being a little more than hypocritical?

After the Civil War, the black population, although technically free was manage with terrorism. Yes, terrorism was common in the United States until the mid 1960s. Can we not call lynching blacks and burning crosses terrorism? It was sure terrorism to the victims.  The lynchings were not occasional. They were constant.

Abortion is legal and that is something people disagree on. The practice of grooming children to join the military is common. It goes on all through school. They get it on the Fourth of July.  The notion that every person in a uniform is doing something good for mankind is constantly drummed into every child’s head.

Some baby’s are aborted. Some babies grow up and participate in life. Some survive wars. A large number of babies grow up and die in foreign wars fighting for causes that don’t help the United States or any other country in the world.  The act of sending young people off to die for missing or flawed reasons is every bit as bad as aborting them in the womb.



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