Stock Market Manipulation 101

Here are two images which illustrate what I describe as the eternal daily chart pattern that is generated by the ALGOS as they go about their daily practices of creating and maintaining uptrends.
One reason it is hard to get folks to understand that financial markets are perpetually manipulated second by second is that the lives of Americans are totally manipulated in almost every aspect of their being independently of markets anyway.
The same mechanical trading pattern occurring virtually every trading day with very few exceptions is not possible in a free market. It is completely absurd to conclude that patterns such as these could occur every day unless they are created mechanically.Watch out when this breaks..
One thing I will point out is that the market can be manipulated only if volume is low. This pattern holds best if there is heavy volume only at the opening and  close, with volume in the body of the day making a smooth parabola. When there are surges of volume at various times throughout the day, the market is vulnerable. Lately, this has been the case. That is one reason I am expecting increased weakness in stocks.

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