Stock Market Resiliency

The fact that the knowledge  and possession of alien spacecraft can be kept from presidents, congress and the general public means something big.  What it means is that there really is a small consortium of human beings who have power and prominence over those at the highest levels of government – and the public , of course. 

Congress , or any others with a high level of authority , are not outraged. What does that mean? It means the entity, possessing the alien spacecraft , has predominance over those who are assumed to be the most powerful among us. 

For years, since 2006, I have been proclaiming that the stock market is manipulated split second by split second. I have written many articles, explaining that there is an ongoing effort to consolidate ownership of stocks as a means of controlling the world’s factors of production. 

As of recent, ten percent of the population owns 90 percent of equities. One percent of the population owns forty percent of equities. I don’t have numbers showing how much stock is owned by half of one percent of the population.  Any consortium which can control the president, congress and all others in authority, has no trouble controlling stock prices.

Is it too hard to believe that the group which from outside the system, controls not just our elected leaders, but the stock market as well? Most still trade as if the stock market is mostly pristine.

When so much stock is owned by such a few entities, just how hard is it to keep the stock market elevated?  Given that the goal is to consolidate stock ownership among members of the consortium, all they have to do is buy outright when there are not enough shorts out to launch a short recovery. I mean, what have they got to lose? If the stock market tanks, they lose the power and control they have gained over many decades.

In spring 2021 I published the following – providing logic to what we are witnessing today.

The Stock Market Is All There Is

If the tech sector can be held up reasonably well, do not be surprised if there is a movement to nationalize the tech sector, especially social media. If such a case comes about, the price paid to stockholders will be about what their market prices are at the time. This is what might be called the mother of all bailouts. 

Chances are, these types of bailouts will be given to big banks, healthcare and others I haven’t thought of.

Note: Fantasy Free Economics is banned in the United States.  I am now hosting with Smartway, which is offshore.  From the positive results I have gotten, I would host with them regardless.  I encourage all to ask themselves – have you ever read anything here on Fantasy Free Economics that could be deemed unfit for the common person to read?  Is there any content that is a threat to national security? 

The only way to rebuild the readership of Fantasy Free Economics is for those who read it to share the link to the blog and certain articles. Email is best. It cannot be censored.  There are still sites which accept the link.  Try it and see.

James Quillian is not Tucker Carlson. I wish him well – as I hope all do. When a famous person get censored, he has the resources to make hay over the situation.  I have no such resources. I must be frugal – just to meet my expenses. If you like these ideas, I hope you will participate by at least sharing the link.

The Fantasy Free Advantage is  PDF book explains the reasoning behind the fantasy free approach.

Common Thinking Errors This article provides a genuine shortcut to thinking and analyzing in the light of reality.




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