The Aggression of Political Correctness

0I have been explaining how human behavior is guided by the principles of dominance and subservience. Issues of dominance and subservience are settled in every human encounter. Normally the issue is resolved by mutual agreement and in very subtle ways. Frequently it is circumstantial.

Political correctness is always an attempt to dominate. In the modern world, political correctness is often centered around race, religion or gender identification.

Certain religious groups resist the idea of man having evolved to the current state through natural selection. Even creationists do not reject the concept of social evolution. Social norms take hundreds of years to emerge and disappear. The process of social evolution is constant and ongoing. When two aggregations of people are suddenly face to face with one another after hundreds of years of isolation, they are likely to agree on very little.

This is the situation we face with Muslims flooding into the country. Even without violence. there is lots of stress. Muslims want to change the United States to their liking. Christians and Jews who are already here like things as they are. There is natural disagreement. People disagree and will argue for many years to come. Not all political and religious understandings are compatible. Through countless transactions based on dominance and subservience groups with opposing ideas about different issues can eventually live in harmony together. That doesn’t happen very fast. Some groups have opposed one another for many centuries. That is the nature of the mid-east.

The United States, has more religious and racial harmony than any other large country in the world. Drawing in new people with different cultures, social and political values leads to new stresses under the best of circumstances. How are the stresses resolved? By engaging in dominance and subservience behaviors, differences  are eventually resolved.

If you are on the wrong end of political correctness and go along with it, you have been dominated. Your thoughts and beliefs are removed from any discussion. The recent initiatives to make any kind of racial or religious comment off limits are attempts to censor you and give others their way in disagreeing with you.

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