The Best of The Best

I make the case constantly the truth has no utility in politics. For one it turns off voters. Secondly, as soon as the truth is told, it is arbitraged into something more appealing. Suppose candidate A tells the truth. Candidate B will change it just a little so as to get an even better response than candidate A. Then it is no longer the truth. As the processes continues the truth is completely swept from the political arena.

Hilary Clinton is the most accomplished liar I have ever heard. One principle of a good lie telling this lady understands perfectly is understanding completely what the audience wants to hear. What registers as truth with voters? Tell them what they want to hear and it will register with them as the truth.

As her campaign continues, everything Clinton says will be of the the nature of what people want to hear. Some audiences will hear one thing and others will hear another. It will be deemed the truth by those listening because it is what they want to hear.

Another important aspect of lie telling is understanding how fast negative interpretations fade from the national conversation. By now the Benghazi incident has been forgotten by the rank and file. She is an absolute artist at burying these things. Anyone who lies this effectively should never be dismissed because in democracy the best liar always wins.

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