The Big Hurdle to Fantasy Free

The biggest huddle folks have in fantasy free thinking is accepting their own insignificance in the universe.  Without a sense of self importance, survival may not be possible. It is human nature that we are all of extreme importance to ourselves. Fortunately most people are also highly important to their families and close friends. Outside of close relationships and not counting our own opinions of ourselves, we are of no importance in the universe at all. I will qualify that. We are of no importance in the eyes of others.

So, why is that all that important? What is wrong with an individual thinking he is the most important entity in the universe? The answer is, perhaps nothing, unless a person is studying political or economic phenomena or deciding how to make a critical decision.

Because we all default the thinking we are special and highly significant, we have a tendency to believe others see us that way also. All sorts of thinking errors are born out of assuming others, especially leaders see us as significant. A human being is so important in his own mind, it is hard to fathom that a politician sees him as only a resource. Because of this misunderstanding, folks are prone to believe someone elected as a representative actually has an interest in them personally. Those who feel worthy of being represented can’t imagine that anyone elected to do so would not represent them.

There is an upside in acknowledging and accepting your insignificance. Your insight into everything increases many fold.

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