The Cholesterol of Democracy

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Virtue signaling is to democracy as cholesterol is to arteries. Are you familiar with the term?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines it this way. “an attempt to show other people that you are a good person, for example by expressing opinions that will be acceptable to them, especially on social media:”

It is my observation that people on the right are more prolific virtue signalers than those on the left. As harmless as virtue signaling appears, it is in practice highly destructive. Virtue signaling serves as a substitute for participating in self government. Were I not a free market and freedom guy I would be tickled to death to see “conservatives” doing nothing but virtue signaling. (the word conservative is in quotes because that is only what these people call themselves.) To those on the left, virtue signaling represents a guarantee that nothing the right says it wants is ever going to be happening.

There are two standout examples of virtue signaling opportunities currently being exploited. There is the young socialist lady, Orcasio-Cortez who won a congress seat in New York. Yes, she is a socialist, I guess. She says she is. I am not convinced she actually know what socialism is. She unseated another liberal democrat. So, that is not a lot of progress towards turning the United States into a classic socialist state.

“Conservatives” are shaking their fingers off at this silly girl. It is like aliens have invaded from outer space and getting elected to congress. There is a complete lack of awareness among the signalers that all legislation is for profit and political power has replaced price as our rationing device for goods, services and resources. The concern is not that the country is turning socialist. Modern socialism, the kind that has its claws dug into the United States at this very moment is transferring wealth and income from the bottom to the top faster than it can be created. Americans are worried that we are following the path of Venezuela. Virtue signalers are either unaware they already live in a socialist country or they are good with it.

The march to the border is the other one. As serious is it is to fail to enforce immigration laws, the whole issue pales in seriousness to the other issues which are flying by under citizen’s radars.

The Trump stimulus spending is outright theft. That is what stimulus is. What is stimulus? It is a collection of skimming schemes that is purported to be good for the economy. It is socialism. Modern socialism is just fine with the right. So, I guess virtue signaling is as good a thing for passing the time than anything else.

One of the advantages of being fantasy free is that in doing so, a person is free of animal behavior, even while still being part of the animal kingdom. Behaviors like virtue signaling can readily be seen for what they are. They are instinctive animal behaviors. Their importance is in establishing herd or tribal positioning. Virtue signalers are trying to elevate themselves within the herd. This behavior is so natural, folks are not even aware they are doing it. With evolution, progress occurs in jerky motions. The concept of self government emerges before all who might participate in it are capable on an evolutionary time scale.

On deeper levels people are not genuinely free, just technically. So when it is time to rein government in as in repeal laws and close government agencies citizens seek messiahs for candidates and treat virtue signaling as participation in self government. Folks are comfortable and there is safety in the center of the herd.

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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