The End Is In Sight

So what is it for which the end is in sight? Attempts at self government have never really been started so it is not that. Certainly Americans are not going to give up virtue signaling. Humans are not going to give up their herding instincts. They will not stop worshiping their leaders. Mostly what is ending will never occur to the average person. Perhaps it will all be taught in a history class fifty years from now,

What is ending is a many decades long government asset enhancement initiative. It is not ending because of lack of interest. The process of the government forcing up high asset prices is ending because that practice had destroyed the United States economy. Do Americans care? Probably they would if they were not clueless to the fact that it has been ongoing since Ronald Reagan was in office.  Asset enhancement has been like food stamps for the rich although asset enhancement is far bigger than food stamps. Is capitalism the blame? It can’t be. Using government to rig markets and extract money out of the poor and middle class is not an attribute of capitalism.

Government forced high stock prices are coming to an end. The end of prosperity of the average American is also in sight.  The economy of the United States is destroyed. Running stock prices up to create aggregate demand provides only temporary prosperity and for only a few. We will see the end of that practice for at least forty years.

None of this will end because of new information and better ways of doing things. The only reason for these things will end is because, there are no more ways to enhance the value of assets through the use of government. The parasites have killed the host, or at least have weakened the host so much that it cannot function as it needs to.

It is silly to try and blame this on one particular president. Presidents are clueless when it comes to the financial markets and economics.

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