The Folly Of Collective Action And National Corona Virus Efforts

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The Corona Virus made its appearance in the United States at a time when governments, corporations and the public are all so highly leveraged that there is no way to save the entire country from economic fall out. The burden of the depression can only be shifted from one socioeconomic class to another.

Does anyone hold the opposite view? Whoever does, please comment and I will respond and explain further and I will explain why you are wrong and promoting your own poverty.

So, why is the public convinced the best path is the one given from us from central government? This is to be expected. Mankind is instinctively childlike in front of government. Does government have magical powers? No, it does not, but instinctively, the instinctive brain assumes there is magical power at the center of the herd,

Canine society works the same way. All in a pack have submitted to the leader of the pack. Lessor dogs are content with all others below and above them in the hierarchy. In automatically embracing the central protocol for fighting the virus, human beings are relying on their animal brain to guide them.

The animal brain does not reason. All that it relies of are deemed facts. None of those instinctive “facts” are questioned. In this case, opting for a central government solution is as normal and natural as automatically putting on a coat when it is suddenly too cold. Changes in the hierarchy of dogs in a pack is accomplished with coercion or violence.  It works the same way in human society. Those with the most power determine what goes on in the pack. Democracy has a mitigating effect in human society, but that influence is minimized when the overall population is content and submitted to higher authority.

A national Corona Virus effort is constructed to benefit first, those who have the most power over government. That purpose is never stated or even noticed. It is such normal behavior that it goes unquestioned. Are Dr. Fauci and his crew the best doctors in the United States? I seriously doubt it. They are political appointees. They are picked to serve political agendas. Are they the best politicians among the nation’s physicians?  Certainly they are.

In relying on government doctors only, the knowledge and expertise of all doctors across the country is shelved. Citizens are denied any means for fending for themselves. I personally live in Bexar County Texas, San Antonio.  Locally, in Bexar county, we have the University Healthcare System. Do we have the best doctors in the world here? I don’t know but some of their names would be mentioned. I am sure of that. Other communities have their own unique medical experts.

Suppose local communities were simply advised of the Virus threat and told to find their own resources and  then to put them to their best uses? In that case. Local doctors would respond and interact with other doctors all across the land. Nationally, resources would be utilized with optimum efficiency. More and smarter doctors would be involved. I am not questioning or criticizing Dr. Fauci’s or any other doctors credentials. But, they are not all there is..

Given that collective efforts are undertaken to serve those with the most political power first, the primary focus is coming up with a system that preserves the existing hierarchy first and protects the citizens second.

Lives of citizens are a consideration but second to ongoing political agendas. Efforts to protect profits of the pharmaceutical industry are enormous. Big tech firms such as Facebook and YouTube are banning any information that implies that something other than big pharma prescription drugs may be effective in fighting the Corona Virus.  Both Facebook and YouTube are banning positive information about Vitamin C and calling those stories threats to the lives of Americans. This practice has the potential of,  alone, leading to more deaths than deaths from the virus.

The American economy was already bound to collapse before the Virus was ever identified. It will. How will the average person fair as the economy collapses? Given the approach that is being used now, the answer is not very well. If over leveraged corporations are allowed to fail, citizens will do surprisingly well. The emphasis at the national level is structured in such a way as to bail out the politically powerful before suffering in the overall population reaches a critical level. Then citizens may not go along with it.

Unlike lower animals humans do have a thinking brain that can be activated. When suffering is experienced, the thinking brain kicks in almost automatically. If the stock market does not crash and loans are actually not  yet in default, the existing economic hierarchy can be kept in place.  For that reason bailouts and other saving mechanisms are being implemented as fast as possible. Checks to citizens will keep the public focused on those and not the major elite serving initiatives that are rapidly being carried out.

Drinking Beer And Suffering

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.
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