The Inconvenient Facts

<a href=””><img class=”alignleft wp-image-2845″ src=”” alt=”13603998-Seamless-with-algebra-symbols-for-background-or-wallpaper-design-Stock-Vector” width=”210″ height=”210″ /></a>The smartest thing an economist can learn is that economic models have no predictive value. Government interventions have an impact but the impact is in no way related to any intended outcome. Economists can keep records just as accountants do. There is some historical value in using statistics to compare one time period with another.

I can make accurate forecasts because my work is euphemism free and I understand that self interest is the dominate incentive in every human interaction and this is part of the dominance and subservience system that governs the universe, at least the part of the universe we live in. Peace and love are not as pervasive as one might believe. There are pockets of love and peace on earth but they are in isolated areas.

When I make a forecast such as most Americans are going to lose everything they own. It is not based on some chart I am watching. Charts are good for understanding where we are in a process but what causes the situation cannot be reduced to numbers,

Suppose you know a drunk driver who, everyday chugs a fifth of whiskey, then gets on his motorcycle and races 200 miles and back on the freeway. My prediction would be that his live is going to real short and he is probably going to kill a number of other people on the way to dying himself.

I know without a doubt that all  government economic initiatives since the 1980s have prevented all markets, not just financial markets from clearing.  This will destroy an economy and it has destroyed ours. Since 2008 TARP and Quantitative easing have forced wealth and income into the higher income brackets while impoverishing everyone at the bottom.  The more unbalanced an income distribution becomes, especially when it has resulted from fraud and deception, the more accident prone an economy is. Another way to look at it is that the rich by using government as a tool, kill off all of their customers.



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