The Logic of Programs for the Poor

As long as people are comfortable they believe what they are told, never protest and support authority. That is the logic of programs for the poor. Do the poor benefit? Of course they do but the programs are of far greater value to folks who administer them. Those who benefit the most are corporations which feed off of the programs.

The poor would be better of without government assistance. The poor never lobbied government to get these things started. They take what is offered just as do the rich, Unlike the rich, mostly the poor would not complain if the programs were discontinued.

Never make the mistake of thinking politicians have good intentions with respect to programs they support and push through. Government programs make recipients more manageable.

Laws are passed to serve those with political power.

On another note, politicians who think Mexican Immigrants are suckers for big government don’t know many Mexicans. I do. In Mexico, dealing with the government is an art. To the politicians I say, Mexicans know you a lot better than you know them. The unofficial economy in Mexico may be bigger than the one the government knows about and taxes.

Here is a nice Curbside Jimmy Tune, A Dead Man’s Credit Cart, Music for the Hard Times Coming.

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