The Mob, The President and Congress

01-statue-of-liberty-factsHow many times do I have to say it? Over time government and crime merge. Without explicit preventative efforts the merger becomes complete. Crime is attracted to government for a number of reasons.  Mostly the profits are enormous and there is no way to be prosecuted.  With enormous political power, the mob transfers the risk to elected officials. With government working for them, the mob can have laws passed that make their activities legal and even the preferred method of doing business. Certainly The Affordable Care Act is a mob inspired piece of legislation. The law has negative utility to society. Its biggest accomplishment is that of providing a way for numerous enterprises to skim enormous sums of money out of the healthcare market without providing any benefit whatsoever. The mob uses government to make their crimes legal.

Notice the panic in both parties when the political status quo is threatened. When politicians support Trump, Sanders or any other candidate who has a chance of disrupting the system, they fear upsetting the mob and suffering consequences.

Much has been written and observed with respect to how historical crime families operated. The Republican National Committee and The Democratic National Committee  function according to the traditional crime family model. Notice the enormous effort that goes into circumventing the democratic process. Congress hordes information and all kinds of effort goes into overriding the will of voters.

You already know that you have no representation because you have no political power. The lesson here is that those you vote into office are not autonomous even thought they don’t serve the folks who elect them.


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