The Myth of Representation

What is missing is the incentive to represent. Human beings have one general incentive, self interest. When an election takes place voters assume they will be represented when their selection takes office. The person elected is actually acquiring a licenses to exploit the citizens and pedal influence.

Surprisingly this process is never noticed. Citizens are confounded that those they elect completely ignore their wishes when they take office. How is this possible in a country full of brilliant and sentient people? The fact is that they are not brilliant and sentient? Folks are engaging in herd behavior and not actually thinking, though they insist they are.

The individual feels so important within himself, he cannot fathom that others see him as only a resource. The best way to take advantage of another person is to exploit his since of self importance. This is one of those cases where the way things are defined and the they work in practice are completely different. That is why in my Fantasy Free approach to economics, I study people in institutions according to how they function only. How they are defined is completely meaningless. Mainstream economics is built on myths about human behavior and thus offers traps rather than solutions.

Representation is possible but not in the way American’s go about their deluded political lives. The belief is “We are special so anyone we elect will naturally take care of us.” To get representation voters have to apply constant pressure and throw lawmakers out of office the minute they don’t do what is expected of them. Doing it any other way is not much different than wearing a sign around that says kick me.


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