The New Cold War

The new cold war is the coldest cold war ever fought. There are no winners. Everyone is a loser. Who is the best American? Why that is the American whose heart is always in the right place. Some say good Americans want less government. Some support the use of kind words only to describe one another. Who is a racist? Who is a bigot?

The cold war is between right wing virtue signalers and left wing virtue signalers. What is virtue signaling? I would like to give credit to the person who first used the term. It wasn’t me. I just put it to good use. Mostly virtue signaling is positioning oneself to appear virtuous to others. It is similar to what Jesus described as practicing righteousness before men.

There are actually two political systems in the United States. There is the formal system. It is within the formal system that the new cold war is taking place. It is completely bloodless and 100% safe to participate in. Virtue signaling is how Americans participate in the political system. The two waring sides believe that if the right ideas take hold in the country, everything will change to their liking. Americans vote and engage in virtue signaling all within the system given by the founding fathers through the Constitution. Now, the founding fathers did not limit a citizens political activities to virtue signaling. That activity evolved naturally.

The second system one is that of working outside of the official one. Nothing of any importance is accomplished in the formal or official system. Lawmakers do vote on for bills so that laws are made. How they vote and what is accomplished is determined elsewhere. The voting just makes it official. The system of government provided by the constitution has become impotent over the years and is now used as a model only. The general public believes it all to be working just as designed.

Who decides which laws get passed and what happens in government? Anyone with a lot of political power has a chance. It is an ongoing contest. Those who have mastered the method of using government to get what they want at the expense of others are who we are talking about. In the mean time all who work outside the formal system are tickled to death to see the population engaged in meaningless political busywork. The elite of the world go about getting what they want. Ordinary citizens are deciding who has the best ideas.

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