The Pope is Not a Communist

pope-francisChristians around the world must pray that the Pope comes to understand certain issues on which he is completely clueless. When Pope Francis discusses economic issues, he suffers from the same handicap as the American public. He has no idea what he is talking about. The American people believe they live in a capitalist system and so does the Pope. Capitalism means more than working for a profit. If the Pope understood the issues on which he is speaking, surely he wouldn’t be shooting his mouth off so recklessly.

In a true Capitalist system, which the world has never known, Pope Francis would be tickled pink. What the pope is seeing would be impossible in a free market. In a true free market system exchange is voluntary. No other system makes that accommodation.

The Pope keeps seeing people suffering and assumes it is from flaws in capitalism. The Pope is actually seeing the effect of dismantling what was fairly close to being a capitalist system at one time. Much of what Americans buy today, they are compelled to buy by law. Government is expressly used by the rich to extract wealth and income out of the rest of the country. That is not capitalism. It is Fascism and there is a huge difference.

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