The School Shooting Solution

I have written many times that solutions to problems are normally simple. Complex solutions evolve because the solutions are distasteful or will upset the prevailing structure of society.

Schools are organized in such a way that a child’s identity, self worth and role in society is determined by how successful he is in interacting with other students. Within high schools a social structure develops. There are kids at the top and kids at the bottom. Then there are kids who are neither at the top or the bottom. They are rejected by everyone. To high school students being accepted is imperative. Failure to be accepted is failing as a person. Some kids can handle it and some can’t.

Schools encourage the social structure. They nurture it. For the majority of students, their worth as a person is all they learn. Neither parents nor teachers want to change this so focus turns to guns. I am not a gun guy. I don’t own any. I have little respect for the one issue conservatives who rant constantly about loosing their second amendment rights. They care nothing about keeping any of their other rights. So, I don’t need them. That being said taking away guns is what gets the attention so that something can be done without addressing true causes.

The way to end the phony high school culture. How would that be done. Shut down the athletic programs. Get rid of school clubs. Take away all of the school spirit. The kids who do these shootings, although their victims are people, they are shooting at the system itself. Make the schools business like. Absolutely nothing goes on besides learning and teaching. The shootings will disappear.

This is a solution. Something like this is not a popular idea. The way it is now, schools jobs are at a maximum. Vendors depend on schools being exactly the way they are now. Parents might have to send kids for only a half day and the babysitting aspect would be lost. The solution is simple so the real cause is set aside and guns are said to be the heart of the problem.

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