The Stock Market is Not a Bubble

Rush Limbaugh has flourished creating and exploiting the bubble in virtue signaling. As socialism goes on forever, opportunities to exploit the bubble in virtue signaling keep growing.”

Stocks are not being bought as investments. Stocks are not being bought because the public is giddy with optimism. What is being called a bubble is nothing of a kind. Stocks are being bought as a means of as a means of centralizing the world’s factors of production. How do I know? I am watching the process. Calling it a bubble certainly facilitates the task because the world’s population has no idea what is happening to them.

Where is the proof? You will have all the proof in 40 years after all the actors are dead and books are being written. The Gulf of Tonkin in the sixties was a real event. Today, we know the incident was manufactured by President Johnson in order to escalate the Vietnam War. The Battle ship of Maine was not actually blown up by the Spanish. It was blamed on the Spanish as an excuse to take over Cuba. In forty years you can read about today’s bad actors crime’s in an academic setting.

The stock market bubble today is not a real bubble. Central banks and on behalf of the elite of the world are being used, to corral the world’s resources into the hands of a  wealthy few. When accomplished, the Deep State masters will have and even easier time of determining what is bought and sold in every economy. Labor can be managed at much lower wages. Their control is already enormous but why stop there?.

The window of opportunity is there. Self government is being rejected in every country of the world. This is on the part of citizens. Virtue signaling has replaced all efforts to rein in government in the United States. The bubble is in virtue signaling. There is an entire industry devoted to virtue signaling. Conservative talk radio is an effervescent bubbling well of virtue signaling.  Add up all of the talk radio show host in the world. Then count the demonstrative conservative initiatives they have started. Zero is an actual number in the real number system. So they have actually started a number of initiatives, zero. How many laws are they trying to get repealed? Conservative dialog flies in all different direction. “It is the liberals who are the problem. Set those liberals straight.” They say. The liberals don’t do as much virtue signaling but they are getting absolutely nothing. Congress withholds and hordes information. The media is owned by the Deep State and promotes their aspirations. To American voters messiah seeking is the preferred political activity. Some voters wanted Hillary as their Messiah. She lost. More people wanted Trump as their messiah. What does the average voter know? Absolutely nothing. What do they think they know? Everything. The deep state has absolutely nothing to worry about with respect to conservatives among the world’s population. There aren’t any.

The world’s population is volunteering for slavery. The deep state is accommodating them. Is the stock market in a bubble? No, the central banks are buying up the worlds factors of production. That is why stocks don’t go down.


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