The Stock Market is Rigged

I just want to go on record as saying the stock market is rigged. Since I don’t have a job, I am free to tell the truth. When the crash comes, the art of not knowing will be called into service by all who could possibly be held accountable. At any other time in history, rigging such a huge market would be impossible. It is possible to day and it is ongoing.

Dismiss this if you wish but I encourage you to wake up and think about what is going on. You might say “I have no money in the stock market, so why should I care?” My answer to you is that a stock market crash, which is coming will cost you everything you own because it will literally destroy the whole economy. The stock market’s rigging changes the way corporations function and it changes the way corporate insiders get paid. You have heard complaints that corporate officers are overpaid. Their salaries are not even a fraction of the money they make. The big money comes from running the price of their stocks into the stratosphere independently of earnings and and economic issues.The easy money is made by running up stock prices, so who needs to innovate.

This one thing is the biggest cash cow in the history of the world. In twenty years or so, this kind of thing might be explained in text books of economic history. Whether you realize it or not, the money is all coming out of the public’s pockets.

The rigging of the stock market has its roots when the Reagan administration first tampered with the financial markets. There is no conspiracy. It is a wink and nod system. Others wonder at the bizarre trading dynamics they see day after. Hedge fund managers who use trading tools that evolved out of observing free markets go broke and commit suicide. Hardly a soul will admit to being played for a sucker.

In the current era, goosing the stock market is the highest priority of government policy. It will and has destroyed the economy. The only thing keeping the entire economy afloat is the stock market itself. The tail can wag the dog for only so long, Virtually all of any growth in consumer spending since 2008 has come from driving up asset prices. Right now, the American economy is like a boxer who has taken a hard shot to the liver. For a short while, he continues to box but faints and falls to the canvass due to too little oxygen to the brain.

So, when will the stock market crash? It can happen anytime because the damage to the economy is so great that all of the tricks in the world are not enough to keep it afloat.

Chances are, somebody well respected will come out and say something like “Who are we kidding, the stock market is rigged, get out now while you have a chance.”

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