The Truth About Today’s Economic And Political Scenes

A characteristic of the truth is that it is not recognizable when it is presented. The truth is dismissed as if it were invisible or just as if nothing was said. With that said, I am going to try it again. Here it is.
One characteristic of animals acting out of instinct is that the animals are not aware they are acting out of instinct. Human beings are no exception. Very often the options people make with respect to choosing elected representatives defy any logical explanation. Then once in office elected officials act in ways no one ever expects. If all of this is confusing, it doesn’t have to be.
Assume that each person is autonomous and acts strictly out of reason and the confusion will continue. Come to realize that much of what happens in society is the result of people behaving instinctively and the confusion starts to disappear.
Ask the simple question, are people autonomous in what they think and do? The answer is that they have the potential to be autonomous, but only operate with autonomy occasionally. Human beings are herd animals first and autonomous beings secondly. Where public life is concerned people have strong biases that cause them to empower government. The urge to have government solidly in charge of their future is so strong, they assume that government has powers reserved only for the super natural. Belief is that government can do such things as creating jobs and that there are experts in government who can solve all problems. That is one reason why the growth is so hard to contain.
Also, much like the social structure of an ant some people are born to perform specialized functions. A small fraction of any population, perhaps five percent are born to compete with each other to be kings or queens. These sorts have an uncontrollable compulsion to manage the affairs of other people. They are also sociopaths. Their need to obtain and hold power is so overwhelming that for them that seeking power is not a choice. Managing your life and your activities is their reason for living.
To king and queen hopefuls democracy has become the stage upon which they compete with one another for power. Mainstream economists operate on the basis that the profit motive is the only driving force in a market based economy. A closer look reveals that the thirst for power is an even greater motivating force and serves as a constant distortion. To be elected to office, the kings and queens must convince you that through them government will do more for you than you are willing to do for yourselves.
The completion for power has evolved to such an intense level that promises are being routinely made to have government do things that cannot be done. The kings and queens have transcended the possible and are now promising for government do the impossible.
The consequence of using democracy to compete for power for all of these years has been to create an dangerously lopsided income distribution and a terribly inefficient allocation distribution of resources. This makes the collapse of our system inevitable. The depression that is coming will be catastrophic.

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