The Unaware

unawareTalk radio hosts give the impression that they have studied issues and present themselves as being on top of the passing scene. Don’t be fooled. Conservative spokespersons are no different in the way their understanding has progressed than many of the 60s radicals. Their spiel never changes when new information emerges.

Early in their careers they learned a few conservative ideas. They have stuck to the only ideas they understand. Circumstances have changed. The conservative movement is very much alive but the seasoned talk show hosts are not part of it.


No Radio Talk Show host will say much that is contrary to the interests of networks and advertisers. Entitlements and social programs are fair game. Pro-business and fascism are off limits.

I have not found one who has snapped to the fact that the growth of government is being caused from the top down. Not one understands that it is not pressure from the poor and displaced that is causing unrestrained growth of government.

I don’t think it is actually out of ignorance that they are failing to understand. They are not what they claim to be. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are the worst and most damaging because they have such large audiences. Rather than educate listeners as to genuine threats, they exploit the sentiment that is already available.

This is the nature of broadcasting. It is all about building an audience and it makes little difference what content attracts an audience.

Any fool can look out the window and see that there is a bigger problem than poor people trying to get something for nothing from government. Chances are the radio folks are indeed clueless and never really waved the conservative banner for any other reason than to build an audience.

In the minds of “conservatives” today, pro-business is pro-capitalism. Conservative talk radio hosts all fit into this category. Of course this is non-sense. The fascist cancer that has infected the country is far more threatening than anything that is discussed on the radio.

Why have things worked out this way? It has to do with incentives. Even Ivy League economists understand incentives, although they ignore them. Talk radio hosts owe their income and popularity to the kind of organizations which profit by using government to rig markets, capture customers and control public opinion. There isn’t a way Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are going to point fingers at the hands that feed them.

Fascism is the most serious threat the United States has ever faced and the very people who could create an awareness of the problem are busy nurturing it along. The Fascist cancer can only be turned back by rank and file citizens. You really have no one with power or influence on your side.00_logo_1

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