The Unholy Trinity

I have been hearing it said that a government shutdown will contribute to an economic downturn. Where is that chipped in stone? My own study and research leads me to the opposite conclusion. Not once in 50,000 years of known history, has a government program increased GDP.
How would a government shutdown affect the economy? Because I have knowledge of free market economic principles I can focus on the real issues. One of the attributes of a free market is that every outcome is accepted as being uncertain. Attempts to insert certainty into an economy are futile and actually add uncertainty rather than reduce it.
Government can give economic advantages to people and organizations with political power. I doubt that I am alone in notice. It stands to reason that those groups would be solidly against a government shutdown. Why? A government shutdown would throw a wrench into the operations of the unholy trinity of government, media and global corporations.
The unholy trinity of course is solidly in support of increasing the debt so that all of their gooses can continue laying golden eggs, paid for with the suffering of others.
What actually happens if the debt ceiling is not raised?
Citizens will discover how little they need government programs and the unholy trinity will be destabilized.

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