There are no Conservatives

It has been almost 100 years now since a U.S. president has done a conservative thing.

A conservative is one who does conservative things or pushes the government to do conservative things. Notice the enormous number of professed conservatives. Do not think for a minute that there is one genuine conservative among them. Conservative-speak is for the speaker’s audience, whether it is a national audience or a small one.  What we have is virtue signaling so as to be perceived as being on the right side of issues.

Beliefs determine how individuals spend their time and energy. If words and action conflict, the action is the true belief, not the words. There are no conservative initiatives suggested by citizens and there are no conservative initiatives under consideration in government. There are no conservatives in the United States.

When I say no conservatives, I am speaking statistically. The number is so small that zero is the closest number when it is rounded off. I am a conservative. I am pushing for the repeal of destructive laws such as the Full Employment Act of 1978. This act mandates that all branches of government, except the Supreme Court,  engage in central economic planning.

Somehow people believe that by expressing a desire for small government, that government will shrink in size in response to the noise. That will never happen. The noise is only virtue signaling. I am advising you to accept the fact that the country is in decline and look out for yourself. In the coming days, it will be every man for himself.

There are no conservatives. So far, Donald Trump has not made one conservative proposal. “Make America Great Again” is only noise. In this type of economy, look out for yourself, because no one else will. To your leaders and the few with political power, you are only a resource, like a cow or a chicken on a farm. Your comfort is important only to the degree you cooperate, don’t complain and support the goals and aspirations of your betters.

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