Where Fantasy Free Begins

Mainstream economists are studying the behavior of a species that doesn’t exist. How is that?

I understand that most behavior, including what applies to economics is instinctive. Part of human instinctive behavior is to exalt the species and exalt one’s self also.

Mainstream economists opt in favor of the typical definition of human beings as having intrinsic value and being just a step away from being divine. Ideas that could diminish the exalted version of humanity are off limits. Individual persons are assumed to be angelical in nature until they are convicted of a crime or something,

Certain individuals get to wear halos.

Being fantasy free I observe how mankind functions in nature. Just by observing collective behavior, I don’t see anything that would indicate that mankind is anything other than another animal trying to survive and procreate in a universe that is governed by a system of dominance and subservience. Every human behavior I observe has a parallel in the behaviors of lower animals. So I am studying how an animal survives based simply on what I see.

This doesn’t mean there is nothing special or spiritual about human beings. Observation shows that there is no evidence, based on behavior, that would indicate that mankind is anything but an animal. For purpose of analysis, I study what I see and don’t arbitrarily assign lofty attributes to the species that can’t be observed or verified. I am sorry that human beings behave like animals when it comes to economics. That is the way it is, so it doesn’t help to pretend it is otherwise.

Mainstream economists focus on what they would like for human beings to be like rather than focusing on the behavior they really exhibit.

Guess what? Mainstream economists are almost never right about anything. I am almost never wrong. It has to be that way because the others are actually studying an entity that doesn’t even exist outside of their imaginations.

I will write more about the foundation of Fantasy Free Economics but I am keeping this short. Why? I understand human nature and folks just don’t read long blog articles.

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