They Are Cornering The Market

You might notice that the market is going up, and based on traditional analysis it looks like that should be impossible. The problem you are having is that you don’t realize that Deep State operators have been cornering the market over the last two decades. Once all of the world’s equities are concentrated in the hands of a few, rigging the market to go up is a piece of cake.

When the rally began I posted the article Don’t Dismiss This Rally. Earlier on I published Decoding Stock Market Manipulation. They are booth good to read and re read.

From here on, you will see heroic efforts to elevate the stock market. One thing that you may have noticed, if you are a private person is that your browser runs real slow any time members of the public might put in sell orders. The recent increase in script errors, screen freezes and other slowdowns is no accident. Don’t misunderstand. I am not saying the market won’t go down. I am saying that the fight and stern determination to move it higher will draw out the declining mechanism so much that it won’t be possible for an average person to put together a bearish profitable portfolio.  It is hard for folks to hold on to cash until after the market finally does drop. It is easy for traders to lose all of their money before they have an ideal opportunity to use it wisely.

What is the significant of cornering the market? The possibilities are endless.

That is why they are doing it. With the world’s supply of stock in such strong hands all the Deep State Operators have to do is purchase some derivatives, then buy enough shares to elevate the market and then sell the derivatives at a profit. Then they have more stock to use to control the market plus the profit from the derivatives.

Is this too unpleasant to think about? I recommend thinking about it anyway.

So the middle class and below, might ask, “Why would I not want the stock market to go up?” “What harm can that possibly do? The practice of politically managed stock markets will destroy every economy in the world. That is because managing the stock market prevents the economy from eliminating waste.  It also guarantees a situation of resources being massively inefficiently allocated. Do not mistake the Deep State for a social or political philosophy. It is a crime syndicate with a negative utility to society.

Does all that sound outrageous. The facts about these things will come out perhaps in 50 years.

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