Trump Can Never Win a Debate

bTrump cannot win a debate. In Monday’s debate, Trump could have said and done a few things differently but it would not have mattered.

Imagine a basketball game where one of the teams meets with the referees the day before the game and decides how the game is going to turn out before it is even played. That is the situation Trump faces before a debate.  To make things even harder, the news media already has stories and scenarios ready for the next day to explain just how bad Trump did.

The debates are between a politician and an indicted felon. Hilary Clinton is above the law. People don’t mind. That is human nature. This is  a principle that goes all the way back to King David and before. Trump is not yet above the law. That puts him at a serious disadvantage. Any crime Trump had ever committed would be spotlighted. Non crimes will be called crimes.  Hillary Clinton owns the FBI and has absolutely nothing to worry about legally or morally.

Trump supporters need to be pleased that he did just well enough. Now one in the world, under the same circumstances, would have done any better. If you like Trump, cross your fingers that they don’t get a chance to kill him before the election. They will if they get a chance.

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