Trump the Conservative

donald-trump-conservative-conversionConservatives are conned by GOP Conservative rhetoric. Liberals are conned by liberal Democrat rhetoric. Neither side has any representation. To date, the right to vote has been adequately neutralized although for the most part, voters believe they are important in determining policy. The billionaires club controls government.  Until this year voting has been rendered cosmetic. Elected officials everywhere are terrified of being controlled by the electorate. Trump is a conservative. Ted Cruz pretends to be a conservative.

What constitutes a conservative? Shortly after TARP in 2008 a conservative was someone who vote against TARP or a talk show host who never got on board. Using this criteria, there were hardly any  conservatives to mention. Time has passed. The new criteria is, that of working towards closing at least one and hopefully more government agencies.

Trump has proposed closing the Department of Education. This is the only conservative position a Republican politician has had since Calvin Coolidge refused to allow he expansion of the federal government prior to the Great Depression. Possibly Reagan’s deregulation efforts could qualified but that is about it. Reagan did so much to usher in central economic planning that the deregulation thing is hardly noticeable.

Ted Cruz calls himself a conservative but plans on supporting the billionaires club with the flat or “fair tax.”  His financing comes from the financial sector, so he is their advocate.

So far in the Republican primary race Trump is the only one to propose an actual conservative solution. Close government agencies and repeal bad laws. That is what a conservative does. There are none, but Trump is closer than the others.

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