Truth is Killing Trump


Trump has told the truth a number of times during has campaign.

The truth has no utility in politics! It isn’t used. Voters won’t put up with it. Politics is about people using government to get what they want. Voters vote for fantasies. Donald Trump began his campaign by telling the truth a few times.

After that he joined the others and focused on lies. “Make America great again.” is a lie with lots of appeal. Go back in time and try to find that golden era of greatness and you will never find it. No such time existed. The process of citizens losing freedom and government serving only those with enormous political power goes back to before the American Revolution. Corruption began early and has continued unabated to the present. Trump knows this is dishonest but guess what. People love it.

Trump gets in trouble when he is truthful. The other politicians are experienced so they stick to the lies they know people want to hear. Trump’s remarks on abortion were right on and they hurt him badly. Voters punished him just as is to be expected. Anyone can see the folly of passing a law and then administering no punishment. Voters fantasize about getting what they want without experiencing any inconvenience. Voters fantasize about government using its “magical powers” to seamlessly make abortion go away just by making it against the law.

The truth is not good enough. Sometimes it is harsh. Politicians who get elected come up with stuff that sounds better. If Trump has learned his lesson and sticks to lies, he can still get the nomination on the first ballot.

Here is Curbside Jimmy’s tune. It Seems Like All M Friends Are Dogs These Days.
It Seems Like All My Friends Are Dogs These Days.

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