Understanding Slavery

For most of history, virtually all people have been slaves. Freedom for rank and file people did not start to catch on until just before the American Revolution. The natural role of government is to provide an orderly system whereby the strongest members of society enslave the weaker ones. All governments are used for this purpose. After events like American and French revolutions, the masses gain enough freedom to protect some of them from serving in formal slave relationships. In a short time the new government reverts back to its historical role of exploiting the weak on behalf of the strong. The system of dominance and subservience is unpleasant but normal.
United States citizens are not yet slaves, but they are moving in that direction. Government operates independently of voters and more and more laws are being passed that enrich the upper 1% by extracting resources out of everyone else.
Hopefully Americans will soon understand that we are fighting a pattern that has been in effect for all of recorded history. This is more than a political simple problem that can be corrected by changing opinions.

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