`Understanding The Impeachment Effort

The reason for the impeachment effort is to protect the cash cows all in power have acquired over the years through the use of government and politics. Self interest is conveniently deemed not present in the public sector. Self interest manifests in the public sector faster and more efficiently in the public sector. In a free market system, self interest is balanced. There are buyers and sellers and they trade when their self interest’s are balanced. So, there goes the stress. Free people agree. Goodwill is a huge bi-product. There is a sense of peace.

Self interests works a little different in government. There are no customers. So, there is no way self interest can be balanced. There is voting but public opinion is easily managed and homogenized.  With government, self interest expands without bounds. It mutates and continues to expand. Symbiotic self interests develop and there are multi partner self interest effort partnerships. That all of these self interest situations might be displaced is the issue. There is nothing about impeaching the president will do any good at all for the overall country. There is not much good going to come from refraining to impeach the president either. The public will gain nothing either way.

Donald Trump is not a free market guy. He is a fascist style socialist just as are hid opponents. He will replace the enriched opportunists with opportunists of his own choosing. The public will continue to be exploited just as they are being exploited presently and always have been.  As long as voters view their leaders as messiahs instead of seeing them for what they are, they will all be donors to the upper class which controls government. Fascist style socialism is largely deemed the same as free market.

Some anticipate that the public will snap to reality as soon as a crisis hits. Don’t count on it. Fantasy is powerful. People will die before giving up fantasy. Fantasy completely eclipses reality.


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