Understanding Trump’s Republican Opposition

 Government is a business. No that is not how it is defined but how it operates. Congress is in the business of extracting countless dollars out of businesses wishing to get laws passed to rig markets.  All pay but only a few reap the rewards when laws are passed.

Donald Trump will break up the billionaires club. The potential  financial losses in the upper 1% are unfathomable to ordinary people. To the elite this will be like Armageddon. The billionaires have a cash cow and there is no limit to what they will do to keep it. Taking government away from the elite 1% to them is like confiscating an ordinary person’s home without paying for it and leaving them broke.

The upper 1 % as it stands, own the government. In their minds they have purchased it.  They have paid enormous amounts in political contributions and expect a return on their investment. Trump is not a saint and he may replace the old billionaires club with a new one with new members.  But, that won’t help the ones who own the government now.

The current owners of our government are also the most brutal of all the earth’s inhabitants. There is no limit to the number of bombs they will drop or soldiers they will send to their deaths to accomplish their financial goals.  Do not doubt that they will murder Donald Trump if they get the chance.

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